The Top 5 Engineering Colleges with Christian Values

Did you know that the United States has the single largest Christian population on the planet? Here are some of the best engineering colleges in the United States with Christian values.

1. Messiah College

For the last couple of years, this non-denominational institution has been increasing its population. When you enroll in this institution, you will be given 100% financial aid. These aids can either be in the form of grants or scholarships. Besides providing training in engineering, they aim in educating women and men to be intellectual people in society.

2. Wheaton College

This college boasts of popular alumni such as Billy Graham. This college represents Christian values that are mainly committed to building a church and society globally. Some of the students come from ethnic minority groups while others come from other cultural backgrounds.

3. Grove City College

If you want your son or daughter to be morally, spiritually, and intellectually developed, consider taking them to this college. Students are provided with excellent training in their respective engineering courses. They are very committed when it comes to freedom and morals.

4. Whitworth College

This college has proved to be academically selective. Usually, you are provided with the education of mind and heart; they are further equipped to honor God as they serve humanity. It has been named in honor of its founder George F. Whitworth.

5. Westmont College

This college was initially established by Ruth Kerr in 1937. Since then, it has emerged as a nonprofit interdenominational Christian school. Here you have to complete a Biblical core before you can enroll in a major. Aside from offering engineering courses, the college offers Data Analytics and Mathematics. Among all the liberal arts schools, this college is highly placed.  

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