Finding a Spiritual Mentor While in College

When it comes to finding a spiritual mentor while you are in college, it is important to choose wisely. You might not think this is a big decision, but it is. The following are some of the guidelines you should follow when selecting someone:

1. Will This Individual Be Able to Relate to You?

Oftentimes, this is the greater question that needs to be considered. After all, you might not know that a lot of people did not go to college. These people might not be able to understand the stress you will be under while in school. We recommend choosing someone that graduated from college.

2. Does the Person Seem to be a Real Christian?

You don’t know what happens behind the scenes. Someone might be good in business or productive in the home, but rage at their family. You want to look at how the kids are as well. Are they rebellious teenagers with drug problems? Are their kids wandering drifters with no aim in life?

3.  Have they Been Committed to Endeavours in the Past?

No one will tell you if they’re a good Christian. You just have to look at their overall demeanor. Do they exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit? Are their kids productive members of society or do they seem like they came from a damaged background? All of these are good indicators.

People move all the time and we have a somewhat transient society. However, while people are in a certain community, do they seem to be loyal to certain places, like a church? Also, is the person still married if one has committed to that? Another great indicator of someone’s fitness to mentor is one’s ability to commit. You should be able to feel like they’ll be there to help you, even if you reveal temptations or struggles that they don’t want to deal with. A good mentor stays the course. 

If you would like to be a mentor yourself, check out our article about Christian Mentor Training.

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