Best Cheap Christian Colleges

Finding a school that isn’t going to be too expensive is a top priority for many students because you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot and build up a large amount of debt for yourself right before you venture out into the world and start your career. If you are going to be spending a lot of time studying, most students don’t want to be working a job to deter from their studies, so finding a reasonably priced college is a top priority. Thankfully, there are many cheap Chrsitian colleges in the United States, and you can find just as good an education at one of those venues than you can anywhere else.

5. The Baptist College of Florida

Here at The Baptist College of Florida you are going to find a very reasonable pricing on your education costs. They’ve got a great faculty and this school is regarded as one of the most affordable Christian online Bible colleges in the entire country. You can find a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs, and associate’s degrees to choose from. Being able to do your schooling online is also incredibly convenient, and you can mostly go at your own pace when trying to finish school work. It’s been rated as a top christian college to obtain a bachelor’s degree online and it truly is among the best in the country.

4. Heritage Christian University

This is another private school that is a leader in low-cost tuition. It was founded many years ago in 1871, located in Alabama, and offers full online services for obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies. The average price for tuition here is just over $5,000 at roughly $6,362, and it’s earned a reputation as being a top choice for anyone who is looking for cheap Christian colleges in the United States. Though there are online courses here, you will still be required to visit the campus on at least two occasions prior to graduating; if that might be a problem it’s important to keep that in mind.

3. Alderson Broaddus University

This school is located in West Virginia and is an incredibly flexible and cost-effective option. They offer easy online courses, you can set up a full-time or part-time schedule – whatever works best for you. There are two full online degree options, the Master of Education Teacher Leader program, along with an RN to BSN 18-month program. This school is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA as well as the West Virginia Baptist Convention. Although the price might be a little higher, roughly $17,000 or so, you are still getting a great deal.

2. Tennessee Wesleyan University

The university was founded back in 1857, and tuition is around $12,000 making it one of the most popular choices for cheap Christian colleges. This option is one of the most affordable ones and offers full bachelor programs and more. It’s accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This is also known to be a military-friendly school so if that is important to you when making your decision, you might want to consider that. Over 80 percent of students who graduate are usually employed within a few months, and this school is regarded as a top value school when looking to find cheap Christian colleges with quality education.

1. Hobe Sound Bible College

Hobe Sound Bible College located in Florida is an easy contender when considering cheap Christian colleges in the country. The cost here is less than $10k, at roughly $9,814, and there are several programs that are offered. You can study to get your Associate in Bible degree, Associate in Counseling, Associate in Ministerial Studies, or choose from several Bachelor and Master programs as well. The courses here are 7 weeks long, and you can gain credits from the school for life experience too. If you want an online college that is reputable, cost-effective, and has lots of options that won’t take that long to complete, this is easily a top choice to consider.

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